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Whats this all about?


Over the past two years I have been plying my trade and learning the ropes at a small but knowledgable tech firm named UVD in Shoreditch, London. During that time I’ve learned a few things and I’m hoping to share some of that knowledge through this blog.

Furthermore, I’m hoping that discussing a range of front-end topics help improve my knowledge in those areas and perhaps encourage others to get involved with front-end development.

If I am fortunate to have any readers then I’d encourage anyone to comment (probably to correct my mistakes!) on my posts.

How I made this blog

This is actually my second attempt at creating my own tech blog. The first of which was built with the defacto blog platform of the last 10 years, Wordpress! After much faffing around creating a fresh wordpress theme I had managed to get the blog up and running ready for new posts.

Months went by and the desire to form new and interesting blog posts never materialised so I decided to start a fresh with a new platform.

Enter Jekyll

I’d heard a lot about Jekyll from colleagues at work, the ShopTalk Show podcast and from reading other blogs. Jekyll, the static site generator built in Ruby, has proved to be a simple but powerful platform that allows you to build a static site with free hosting on Github pages. You can actually visit the repo for this site on my Github account.