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James Dowell Front-end Developer (CV)

Over the past few years I have gained vital experience working within the tech industry. Learning a number of new technologies and practices to ultimately make me the well rounded developer I am today. I have a good appreciation for user experience that has been nurtured while working within a great, forward thinking team at UVD.


When initially starting out in the industry JavaScript was my main focus. I began by improving on the basics that I had learnt at university, followed by developing some Angular 1.x projects.


Testing has been a huge part of every project I have worked on. So much so that I have never worked on a project, personal or professional, that I haven’t approached from a TDD, (Test Driven Development) perspective. At UVD we also took a BDD, (Behaviour Driven Development) approach to some projects, using technologies such as CucumberJS and Behat with Selenium to create End to End tests. Listed below are just some the technologies/testing frameworks that I have used in the past:



June 2014 - present

I've grown a lot since I first started at UVD. Coming fresh out of university meant that I was ready to be moulded into any developer I wanted to be. After a number of years, constantly learning new things and pushing the limitations of the latest front-end technologies, I have developed my skills to a high standard.



May 2012 - Sept 2013

My time at LBG medical saw me involved in a number of roles within the company. Over this placement I spent large portions of time learning and developing technologies which I then used to build a number of web experiences.

Most notably building an e-learning platform which is still being used today by biomechanical practitioners. I also got involved with the business side and was open vocal in my ideas for marketing within the company, both web and offline.



Staffordshire University

2010 - 2014

After finishing sixth-form I chose to got to Staffordshire University to complete a BSc (Hons) in Web Development, in which I graduated with a First Class (Hons) degree. During my time there I touched a number of subjects in the every increasing skill buffet that is web development.

From database management and backend languages like PHP and ASP.NET (Razor) to Front-end skills including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Bishops Stortford High School

2002 - 2010

I studied for a number of years at TBSHS, learning many life experiences and staying on to complete A-levels in Design Technology and IT. I always had a passion for building things, from products to buildings I new I always wanted to be in a creative industry


On a personal note, some of my hobbies include running, travelling, skiing and football. I enjoy experiencing new things and like to make a point of trying something new at least once a fortnight e.g. a new restaurant or event in the city.

I have also been involved in producing/recording a number of podcasts with some of the team at UVD. Initially starting out as the UVD podcast, which later transformed into End2End FM. We covered a wide range of topics from user experience to front-end and backend development technologies.